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Got tangled!

How to describe the relation between knitters and yarn? I simply don’t know! Actually I think I could tell a few things about it, but nothing could compare to the feeling of finding an exquisite composition or rediscovering a traditional one that up to that moment wasn’t that appealing. Nothing could ever describe that tiny moment we catch our breath because of an unusual blend of colors on a hand died yarn or the unpretentious beauty of a yarn that has been in the market for long. Nothing can really describe the speed of though when the soft touch of a yarn brings up affective memories and awakens the feeling of ease!

In the mood of “I know that I know nothing”, this post brings a selection of yarn of some colors that have attracted me in this season and that I feel like sharing. Old and new, for some reason they are keeping me “tangled” to them! If you know why, can you tell me?

– To die for: Road to China by The Fibre Company (65% baby alpaca, 10% cashmere, 10% camel, 15% silk – 50gr/159yds – color Hematitte)

This yarn has an amazing feel to it and it’s one of the most special ones I have touched! The dyeing is a bit irregular and the mix of noble fibers makes it very different!

-Total joy: Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell from Caron (70% acrylic and 30% wool – 3oz/85gr . 167yds/153m – color 0005Plum(ish)

Great colors and a very soft yarn with a great price! What can be better than that?! Can be hand washed on a delicate laundry cicle. I’m in love with Sheep(ish)!!

-A beauty: Sparrow by Quince&Co (100% organic linen – 50gr . 168yds/155m – only this color)

Linen yarn with an incredibly soft touch! Having only one color available makes it even more special.

-An amazing surprise: Intense by Cisne/Coats (79% acrylic  and 21% alpaca – 100gr/260m – colors: 5027 pink/9367 dark grey/4340 something between red, orange and pink /5356 purple)

I ran into this yarn while surfing on the web. What fascinated me from the start was the composition with alpaca, this because most of the yarns available inBrazilare 100% acrylic. It’s a soft yarn available in beautiful colors! This kind of yarn is pretty rare in Brazil!

-Aslan’s good taste: Magic Fog by Aslan (100% acrylic – 100gr/3.5oz . 380m/416yds – color 20)

In my short time knitting, Aslan is a strong brand in my mind! They always promote knitting events here inBraziland my debut as a designer was in a contest sponsored by them and by This year they have launched many gorgeous yarns, but Magic Fog in this light beige color has caught my eye!

-Rediscovering a traditional yarn: Acalanto by Cisne/Coats (75% acrylic, 21% wool, 4% viscose – 100gr/210m – color 1199)

I don’t really know since when this yarn has been in the market, but it has been a couple of years that I smile at this yarn on the shelves! It feels good to touch and it comes in great colors, specially this elegant beige.

-Acrylic scored: Romantic by Cisne/Coats (83% acrylic e 17% polyamide – 100gr/200m – color 8324)

The slightly irregular twist of the thread, the soft texture because of the polyamide and the delicate halo are the strongest characteristics of the Romantic. The color selection also deserves a special attention.

-Acrylic scored again: Rendidora Multicolor by Cisne/Coats (100% acrylic – 100gr/235m – color 100)

This yarn is not as soft as the others, but I thought this mix of beige, cream and light grey is unusually chic! Do you know when you don’t want to spend a lot on a project but still want a color that is worth a million dollars?

-Basic with quality: Cetim by Cisne/Coats (70% acrylic and 30% wool – 100gr/170m – colors……)

This season I discovered Cetim. And I can say this discovery was due to its composition! There are so few yarns here that combine acrylic and wool but still have a soft touch and great colors. Maybe that is why Cetim is always part of my favorite brazilian yarn list.

Yep..I got tangled…

PeaceKnitLove, Paula

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  1. Vera #

    Acabei de me enroscar.
    Depois de ver tanta lã linda fui no Bazar Horizonte e comprei o Intense, Magic Flog, Romantic e Rendidora.


    July 22, 2011
    • PKL #

      rsrsrs Vera! Rolando de rir com seu comentario!!

      July 22, 2011

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