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Knitting needles from another planet: Signature Needles!

Knitting needles…

That is a hot topic among us knitters! We all have our preferences and that’s how it has to be! Particularly, I’m a fan of several brands and do not have a specific preference. I like to choose the needle, among the ones that I have, according to the yarn characteristics. And I’m always delighted with the characteristics of each one! Yes, yes … I must be the prototype of the “fave” consumer in the marketing department of manufacturers! But, really, I think that all major brands available worldwide have quality and features that meet the needs and dreams of the “knitters nation”!

Today it gave me a strong desire to share the “love of the moment”: the circular SignatureNeedles!

Four characteristics made me fall in love with this beauty: the fine Stilleto tip, needles with 4 “or 5” long, the texture of the metal needle’s in the body that provides the perfect slide of the yarn and the memory resistant cable!

The circular needles are one of the latest releases of the brand and new circular’s sizes are being made available, like US9 / 5.50 mm released last May. Navigating on Signature’s website I’ve read about the creation of needles and I must confess that I found the story very cute! A knitter like us was struggling with her needles and a fuzzy yarn nd  loudly complained: “Why don’t I have needles with thinner points?”. Across the room her husband replied: “You can just take them to work.” This knitter was the president of a family-owned manufacturer of custom metal components. Awakened by her husband’s words, she did exactly this.

The most striking feature for me is the thin edge and elongated Stiletto points! A true Rolls-Royce for knitter’s! They are also hand polished! The Signature brand offers three different options for needle tips:

  • Stiletto =’s famous for being thinner and longer! With them you can knit faster by going easily on every point, even the most difficult (eg. Knitting 3 stitches together from the back).
  • Middy = not so elongated as the Stiletto’s. Knitters that knit very tight tend to love that kind of tip because it brings the up stitch to the needle faster getting better gauge.
  • Blunt = tip just like the average needles on the market.

The circular needles have the option of Stiletto and Middy tips.

Look at the gorgeous polish Stiletto tip right here:

My hands are too small (I’m just 5.2 feet tall! LOL!) and knitting with 4 “and 5” needle’s length has been like heaven!

  • 4 “= for those with small hands or when knitting pieces with small diameter such as socks.
  • 5 “= for those with small or medium hands size or that are already used to knit with this needle length.
  • 6 “= for those with larger hands or for those who like to see what is knitting before slipping on the needle’s cable connector and being” smashed” along with the rest of the work. But the manufacturer points out that even if you enjoy this feature, if you are knitting a small diameter project, needles with 4 “(10cm) in length are indicated.
Another thing that made me fall in love by Signature needles is how the yarn behaves in contact with the needles. The stitches slides fast by the tips and somewhat less rapidly in the body of the needles. A relief for those who worry about stitches slipping out of needles! Blerght!
The Signature’s are made with high quality aluminum that is the same used in aircraft construction. They are 100% manufactured in the USA and meet all federal and state regulations related to the environment. Believe me … they are awesome!
And completing the list of knitting characteristics that made me love these needles, the cable connectors of the circular are also amazing! Soft, flexible and memory resistant! The ones that enjoy knitting with circular know the difference that a cable like this can make, isn’t it true?

Finally, a summary about the Circular Signature Needles that are available:
For sizes US3 / 3.25 mm, US4 / 3.50 mm, US5 / 3.75 mm, US6/4mm, US7 / 4.5 mm
  • needle length  4 “, 5” and 6 “
  • point profile Stiletto and Middy
  • overall length  20 “, 24”, 32 “, 40” and 47 “

For sizes and US8/5mm US9 / 5.5 mm

  • needle length 51/2  and 6 1/2 “
  • point profile Stiletto and Middy
  • overall length  24 “, 32”, 40 “and 47”
PeaceKnitLove, Paula


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