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Posts tagged ‘techniques’

Pattern corrections: Dalilah shawl & other sizes

The KAL for Dalilah shawl and it’s S and XS versions has already started and some people came with doubts regarding the way to read the charts and its symbols. Because of that, I made some changes on the patterns and have a few suggestions: Read more

The most amazing knitting designer and a little something to facilitate working with charts!

I’m the luckiest person in the world! I had my very first knitting classes with one of the most talented knitting designers: Sivia Harding! And I also had these classes in one of the coziest knitting stores, with the most adorable helpers and owners and with a great product selection: Urban Yarns in Vancouver, CA. Read more

(Dalilah KAL) Knitting with fingering yarns: tips about swatch and approximate dimensions

I’ve made a swatch with a fingering yarn and needles size US6 so people can have an idea about Dalilah and Dalilah S shawls dimensions, with the gauge from this kind of yarn  in US6 needles. Read more

A homemade interpretation of kettle hand dyeing!

I’m thinking that hand dyeing yarn is a delightful thing to do! I’m not an expert at it but I keep practicing!! I like the hand dyed yarns with the kettle dye technique, so I searched the internet to understand more about the process. But there is so much information available that I decided to take a chance and do my interpretation of what I read about the technique and a tutorial on dyeing on KnitPicks website. Read more

Dalilah: a big shawl!

It’s been a while since I thought about knitting a shawl that actually wrap me up. In fact I even had an outfit ready in my head: worn out cowboy boots, a white lace dress and huge shawl completing the look! Every so often I thought about this outfit but the shawls I had knitted didn’t seem to wrap me completely. Read more