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TIC * The Intuitive Cowl

I started this project during my very first visit to Lion Brand Studio! I was in New York for  Vogue Knitting Live and went to the store for a friendly monthly event called “Flicks in Sticks”! On that day the attraction was the adorable movie “Let’s Make Love” with Marilyn Monroe, who plays an off Broadway actress who knits to calm herself down! Read more

Knitting needles from another planet: Signature Needles!

Knitting needles…

That is a hot topic among us knitters! We all have our preferences and that’s how it has to be! Particularly, I’m a fan of several brands and do not have a specific preference. I like to choose the needle, among the ones that I have, according to the yarn characteristics. And I’m always delighted with the characteristics of each one! Yes, yes … I must be the prototype of the “fave” consumer in the marketing department of manufacturers! But, really, I think that all major brands available worldwide have quality and features that meet the needs and dreams of the “knitters nation”!

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They create opportunities to give and receive: Knitting for a cause!

This is the first post I write for PeaceKnitLove and to inaugurate the space with good vibes, I chose to talk about the amazing work of three special knitters: They are Alina from the Blog Maré de Amor (Tide of Love) and VeraLu and Juliana from the blog Saco de Bebê da Veralu (VeraLu’s Bag of Babies).

They create opportunities to give and receive: Knitting for a cause

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