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(Dalilah KAL) Knitting with fingering yarns: tips about swatch and approximate dimensions

I’ve made a swatch with a fingering yarn and needles size US6 so people can have an idea about Dalilah and Dalilah S shawls dimensions, with the gauge from this kind of yarn  in US6 needles.

For people that don’t like swatching too much, the pics may give a tip: instead of knitting a whole 4”x4” and being aware of how the yarn thickness shows up around the needle, I cast on stitches until I have about 1 ³/4” or 1  7/8”. If the request swatch is in stockinette stitch, I knit the first 3 rows in garter stitch in an attempt to avoid the “rolling effect” (LOL!). Then, I knit in stockinette stitch for about 1 ½” or enough to comfortably measure 1” in rows. Next step: measuring to check how many rows in 1”and with this fingering yarn are 8 rows. Which means that in 4” we have 32 rows (8×4)? To know about how many stitches in 4” just use the same logic!

***IMPORTANT: I only reduce my swatches sizes when gauge is not crucial for a project, in my opinion (like shawls, afgans etc)! LOL!



So, for this Brazilian fingering acrylic yarn (Belle from Santo Amaro) and US6 needles, the gauge was: 28 st X 32 rows in 4” X 4”.

Based on this gauge (or any other yarn with the same results) and having in mind that Dalilah and Dalilah S  shawl have 4 triangle sections, those are the approximated measurements BEFORE blocking:

–          Dalilah: 21” at the triangle edge and 24 ³/4” at one each base. (***note that the Dalilah approximate measurements at pattern pdf are before blocking and with a DK yarn)

–          Dalilah S: 15” at the triangle edge and 18” at every each base.

How to understand those numbers? Here’s a few suggestions:

–          Triangle edge: place the tip of a tape measure on the point where your collar bone meets the area between your shoulder and neck. Release the tape from this point down over the shoulder and towards the elbow until 21” (for Dalilah) or 15” (for Dalilah S). Depending on your blocking this numbers can increase between 10 to 21%.

–          Triangle base: With one hand at the beginning of the measuring tape and the other on the size of your project choice (24 ³/4” for Dalilah and 18” for Dalilah S) you’ll have the extension of the base of one of your 4 triangle shawl. For Dalilah bring the tape around right down your hips to figure it out how it will be more 3 times of this measurement around you! And for Dalilah S, please do the same around the area around your waist area.

I just like to remember one more time that those measurements are approximate and should calculate for the shawls before blocking!

I hope that you have fun during this process!

Peace Knit and Love as much as you can!


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  1. Mais detalhado impossível, né?


    July 11, 2011
  2. Fabi #

    Mas você é uma fofa!!! Não tem como não fazer esse xale maravilhoso! Mostrei este findi pra mamis e ela GAMOU! Quer porque quer a receita para também fazer! Ainda bem que você é super demais e dez a receita em português!!

    Beijoca, Fabi

    July 11, 2011
    • PKL #

      Obrigada Fabi! A tradução para português foi das lindonas Letícia e Valesca! Só podia sair maravilhosa, né?! E elas traduziram em pouquíssimas horas…foi demais!
      Amarradona por sua Mamis ter curtido! Pf mande umas bitocas pra ela!
      bjks nina

      July 11, 2011
  3. Vera #

    Olá, sou iniciante e achei muito lindo o xale, mas para mim não adiante só a explicação teórica, ainda preciso ver na prática. Não tem nenhum filmezinho, mostrando o passo a passo, pelo menos na mudança dos pontos (pontos diferentes)?

    De qualquer forma, parabéns pelo site.

    July 15, 2011

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