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Halona shawl = another designer in partnership with Trico Trico Yarns.


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Halona shawl was “born” right after the shawl Allegra. I like to think about them as a pair, since they are both mostly worked with the pleasant garter stitch, with a few lacy rows formed by elongated stitches. After the elaborated Izabel shawl, I thought it was a good time for projects that we can knit without too much thinking. Something that we can call “laid-back knitting”.

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I had an exquisite experience working on Allegra and Halona designs: a lot of precious friends test-knitted both shawls. During the process we shared pictures, nice stories and good laughs! Thank you Patricia Vivacqua, M Izabel Colmenero, Zaira Pairo and Sandra Baroni. You are the best friends ever! I also like to thank my dear friend and “lucky charm”, Leticia Cinto for tech editing, my boyfriend Alexandre Soares for photoshoping the pics a little bit here and there, making everything more beautiful, and the best top models from in the whole word: Maria Eugenia, Mariana, Priscilla and my daughter Mariana!

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DSC_0231 image cropped crop sem bolso


“Allegra” means joy in Italian and“Halona” is a Native American name which means happy fortune. Both names synthesize what I wish as a knitting experience for people who will knit those shawls: joy and good fortune!

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Halona shawl have an elongated half moon shape with stylized “wings” on both edges. The idea was to create a shawl that wraps the upper body comfortably and colorfully.   I hope you enjoy the design and have a great knitting time.

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You can find the pattern at Ravelry, Craftsy and at Trico Trico Yarns store.

Peace, Knit and Love…as much as possible!


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