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Allegra Shawl for happy times

I’m not writing too much lately because there’s a lot of action going on. Workshops in different places, a few knitting trips and new designs have been the reason for what I like to call “truly good times”.

Allegra 10 cropped

Things are also bubbling at the Brazilian knitting scene. Last June,  we had the 2nd edition of the super cool Brazilian Knitting Congress and it was a blast. I lead 3 workshops: “Shaping & flattering with short rows”, and, from the series “Design your own shawl” : “Exploring the possibilities of triangular shawls”” and “Half Moon Shape with short rows and decreases” . Every year we can meet even more knitters from all over the country and share experiences as we knit together. What a great time…

I also went to Curitiba to meet my adorable friends of the Tricota Curitiba group and had a great weekend. Can you imagine a full weekend laughing and knitting? Can you imagine one entire day swimming in samples of Trico Trico yarns’s new colors? Yeap… pure joy!

DSC_0120 cropped size cropped

So now I would like to present one of my new patterns: Allegra Shawl. Allegra means cheerful in Italian and it’s pretty similar to alegre in Portuguese, my native language. And joy is a state of mind that I love to cultivate. Actually, I truly believe on the power of being a joyful human being. As I seek the sustainability of my practice, I would like to invite you to knit with the pleasant garter stitch in different colors to create a cozy shawl.

Allegra 11 cropped

The concept of Allegra Shawl was to create an easy but “fun-to-knit” piece with the new line of Trico Trico yarns, created by my dear and talented friend Sandra Baroni.

Knitted mostly in garter stitch, Allegra Shawl is worked with 3 different colors. The more vivid color is a good choice for the lacy rows from color A.

DSC_0091 cropped size cropped

I hope that you enjoy this new design and have a great knitting time!

Allegra 18 cropped size cropped

Allegra 17 cropped size cropped

Peace Knit Love as much as possible!!!


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