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A Beauty Festival at Ravelry!

like to think that one of the precious things in life is the wisdom of allowing ourselves to be positively impacted by daily beautiful things. For a few minutes just forget about what is bothering us and contemplate what is available to us at the moment. After admiring a landscape, or some flowers or even children playing together, maybe we can heal ourselves from a momentarily bad humor crisis. Read more

Boho Scarf & Boho Cowl!

Boho…Bohemian look…

Do you know when you hit it off with something and loves everything related to it? Well, that’s how I feel about the Boho or Bohemian look! I love this way to dress up! Read more

Pattern corrections: Dalilah shawl & other sizes

The KAL for Dalilah shawl and it’s S and XS versions has already started and some people came with doubts regarding the way to read the charts and its symbols. Because of that, I made some changes on the patterns and have a few suggestions: Read more

Got tangled!

How to describe the relation between knitters and yarn? I simply don’t know! Actually I think I could tell a few things about it, but nothing could compare to the feeling of finding an exquisite composition or rediscovering a traditional one that up to that moment wasn’t that appealing. Nothing could ever describe that tiny moment we catch our breath because of an unusual blend of colors on a hand died yarn or the unpretentious beauty of a yarn that has been in the market for long. Nothing can really describe the speed of though when the soft touch of a yarn brings up affective memories and awakens the feeling of ease! Read more

The most amazing knitting designer and a little something to facilitate working with charts!

I’m the luckiest person in the world! I had my very first knitting classes with one of the most talented knitting designers: Sivia Harding! And I also had these classes in one of the coziest knitting stores, with the most adorable helpers and owners and with a great product selection: Urban Yarns in Vancouver, CA. Read more