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They create opportunities to give and receive: Knitting for a cause!

This is the first post I write for PeaceKnitLove and to inaugurate the space with good vibes, I chose to talk about the amazing work of three special knitters: They are Alina from the Blog Maré de Amor (Tide of Love) and VeraLu and Juliana from the blog Saco de Bebê da Veralu (VeraLu’s Bag of Babies).

They create opportunities to give and receive: Knitting for a cause

I met these tireless warriors in the online knitting group, Crazy Knitting Ladies and was impressed not only with volunteer work, but mostly for their joy on doing it. They are tireless to “warm up” the other, and this way of working also allows other people to exercise their own generosity by knitting for a good cause! This aspect moves me because the way Alina, Juliana and VeraLu’s projects are structured, they allow us to contribute to the well being of others through knitting,  which gives us so much pleasure.

Alina from Maré de Amor  coordinates a group of senior artisans who knit for donation and she also teaches them to improve their knitting. She also supplies the group of currently12 members with yarn. In order to stimulate the yarn donations, she also raffles amazing knitting accessories among the participants! The types of institutions and groups that benefit from the campaigns of Maré de Amor  are homes for the elderly, needy families, homes to accommodate pregnant girls that have nowhere to live and cancer patients. Cash donations are accepted only in special situations and Alina takes care to post the supermarket receipts in the blog! Who knows her also knows that there’s no need for that. And I think that her transparency is exquisite!

The work of Saco de Bebê da VeraLu  is designed for newborn babies and it is initiating a beautiful project of knitted blankets for the elderly! Last year, 50 blankets were made for this project. The details are on the blog and if you like to knit squares, this is a very cool project to participate! Along with knitted pieces, Juliana and Veralu’s project also accepts donations of purchased pieces as diapers, baby onesies and others.

The two projects sometimes work together like now, when there is an informal and fun campaign going on between the participants online: they are the Anastasia’s (participants from the Maré de Amor) and Isaura’s (participants from Saco de Bebê da VeraLu)! The names were chosen by doing a parody with names of famous slaves in Brazil since the participants knit and develop parts for the projects with no payment. Humor is an important ingredient for us Brazilians and the fun is to contribute to the projects. Our private joke is that differently from the homonymous “slaves”, anyone who participates in the projects ends up winning on the  joy and satisfaction of helping others!

Aren’t these women incredible? Worth the click to know about the work of the Maré de Amor  and Saco de Bebê da VeraLu! They created a way of working that benefits whoever is giving and receiving!

Peace, Knit and Love



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  1. Parabéns pelo novo blog. O visual está maravilhoso.
    Bjs e muito sucesso sempre.

    June 28, 2011
  2. Bel Colmenero #

    Muito sucesso no novo blo!!
    Seu post inicial foi perfeito, realmente somos escravas muito felizes!

    June 28, 2011
  3. veralu49 #

    O Blog está maravilhoso e agradeço muito a parte que nos toca,a mim, a Ju e a Alina, realmente fazemos o trabalho com muito amor e alegria, obrigada pela postagem, beijos!

    July 25, 2011

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