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Workshops in Curitiba and why “knitting is sexy”!!!

Last weekend I led two workshops from the series “Design Your Own Shawl” in Curitiba, Paraná.

I was invited by Tricota Curitiba, an exquisite and welcoming knitting community that cherishes knitting as a craft and as a way to celebrate life and friendship.

Led by Índia Sarti (can you picture a beautiful person inside and outside? Yeap… that’s her), this amazing group of people knits for charity, organizes workshops and last April hosted the Brazilian Knitting Congress. They are joyfully unstoppable in the art of realizing amazing things for, not only their knitting community, but for knitters from the whole country! Thank you, guys!!!

I’m writing like a groupie, right? Well…I can’t help myself because when I’m among this group, it’s like being in a perfect world! Since I arrived in the airport and Marina Albertoni was there, with her beautiful smile, I felt that I was truly welcome and it energized me for the whole weekend!

Our morning class was about triangular shawls going deeper on their possibilities and the afternoon class explored two ways of shaping shawls with short rows. Malu Flora and her “Novelo na Rede”(our fave online store for knitting supplies and yarn), were there with a lot of new released products! There was a cozy booth from Coats, with Camila and Ana, showing their new yarns and offering gorgeous yarns for the class and 2 bags full of yarns for prize.

Índia and Tricota Curitiba group organized the most comfortable room for the classes with well spaced tables and chairs, the perfect mix of natural and artificial light, nice air conditioning and a complete set of media equipments (one camera man, 2 big screens with a lot of images, another screen with the class material and a microphone for me! Wow!!!).

The audience was so welcoming and participant! We had knitting friends from Curitiba, Santos (Bel Colmenero, Iolanda Karaoglan, Josefa Basseto and Anita Villamarim) and Porto Alegre (Lucy Nickel and Luciana Exequiel). I hope that they enjoyed the class as much as me to share about my knitting investigations with them! And there was even a cherry on top: The precious help from Yone Baba and Íris Alessi during the classes!

We started the day talking about how knitting can be a life changing experience, making everything better! I’m glad that I had brought the coolest T-shirt from,  that says “Knitting is Sexy”! We laughed a lot! And maybe because when we are knitting we are always having a good time and comfortable in our own skeins, knitting is sexy for all of us!

I would like to share some pics kindly offered by some dear friends, hoping that you can have a little taste of this very special and peculiar group of people!

Peace, Knit and Love,



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