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Why a Brazilian Knitting Congress is so cool!

The Brazilian knitting community used to carry out meetings which led to the 1st Brazilian Knitting Congress in Curitiba last year. Well…they are doing it again and, next June in São Paulo, we are going to have another weekend full of knitting experiences!

In my opinion, knitting is really not a traditional craft in Brazil. A knitter in certain parts of my country could even think that he or she was alone in this craft some years ago. And then, just like any other important moment in history, there are always people that stand up for something that they love and a few years ago, some brazilian knitters have started internet communities and creating meetings in public places. Ravelry has also brought us closer together.

Today there’s a bunch of online groups, Facebook groups, with people that meet every week or month, sharing experiences, knitting together for fun, for charity. Small groups, big groups, people knitting alone at home but chatting with other knitters online. Some of us are creating their own knitting-related business, some are designing, and some have such a big heart and do wonderful things for charity and some have this adventurous spirit and are passionate enough to organize a knitting congress in Brazil.

A Brazilian Knitting Congress is an opportunity to meet in person the friends that we have been making online, meet again others (internet is fantastic, but being with a friend in person is another level of experience, right?!), learn and share, check (and buy <3!!!) new yarns, needles and notions from the seller at the market place, laughing out loud, feeling the experience of  being part of a national community related with something that we appreciate and love and be tremendously happy during a whole weekend!

I’ll be there – for sure! Actually, I’m thrilled with the invitation for 3 workshops!

June 22 / Saturday – 2 to 5:30pm

Design your own shawl: Exploring the triangular shawl.

Class geared towards people that like knitting shawls and want to learn how to design your own pieces. In this workshop, we will address issues relevant to the conception and design, exploring the mechanics and calculations for shawls with triangular structure (with 2, 3 or 4 triangles).

Swatches 6

June 23 / Sunday – 8:30 to 11:30am

Design your own shawl: Half moon shape – Two ways for shaping with short rows

Class geared towards people that like knitting shawls and want to learn how to design your own pieces. In this workshop we will test two half moon shaped shawls, exploring the mechanics and calculation for a Lacy border.

detalhe final

June 23 / Sunday – 2 to 5:30pm

Shaping a cardigan/pullover for your body

In this workshop we will get to know our own measurements, understanding the patterns and modifying them to enhance our shapes and dress well.

How many times do we fall in love with a pattern, we put up time and money knitting with the yarn of our dreams and the result is frustrating? In this workshop, we will take our measurements and learn how to choose correctly the size of the pattern, identifying which alterations are needed in order for it to suit us well, enhancing some shapes and softening others.

measurements 1

The 2nd Brazilian Knitting Congress will be held in São Paulo, from the 21 to 23 of June. The event website is

Hope I can meet you there!

Peace, Knit and Love…always! Paula






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