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Brazilian Congress of Knitting 2015

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Curitiba will host, next month, another edition of the Brazilian Congress of Knitting.

Just minutes ago, while planning lessons, I realized that this is the fourth edition of the conference, which brings together knitters from all over Brazil! I had the good fortune of being present since the first edition and hope to continue for many years!

Have you ever taken part in this event? If your answer is yes, then again we can celebrate together the wonderful possibility of a whole weekend dedicated to knitting! If you haven’t been to any Brazilian Congress Knitting yet, you will have another opportunity to improve your knitting knowledge, learn new skills, meet people from all over the country who, like you, love this craft, see and buy the new launchings in yarn, needles and accessories! The 4th Brazilian Knitting Congress will be held in Curitiba, May 1 to May 3. You can find more information on the event website. Just click on the link here:

In last year’s edition, during the opening lecture, we had a great forum where participants chose the themes of the workshops of following edition (this year). Between you and me, I found it just great! This debate was a sample of the very special work of the organizers, the “Tricota Curitiba” group. I am a big fan of them! Now in 2015, they prepared a really cute video featuring the organizers! Have a look at this very cool group of people at

In previous editions I taught workshops on custom fit, shaping for top down sweaters and cardigans, the series “Design your own shawl” (exploring triangular shawls, exploring half moon shaping shawls, how to match different lace stitch motifs), color for knitting and many others.

This year, my first workshop is “Shaping top down sweaters and cardigans – modifications for a better fitting. Have you ever had the experience of knitting a sweater or cardigan and realizing, when the work is finished, that the piece doesn’t perfectly fits the body? Or have you given up knitting a piece for fear of reaching the same conclusion, after spending many hours and yarns?

The purpose of this workshop is to rediscover the pleasure of wearing a cardigan knitted by ourselves, super beautiful and comfortable, that just fits you in a flattering way! You know the joy of looking in the mirror and saying: “It was made by me”? Ahhh, the gentle pleasures of the handmade things …

Having a recipe as a base, we will determine our measurements, and with this information, find the size that best fits us and identify the simplest way to make the changes to get a perfect modeling!

measurements 1

measurements 2

My second workshop is “Lace knitting – exploring all possibilities”. The lace is one of the beauties of knitting! I dare to say that all knitter, at some point in life, falls in love for a piece that has at least some detail of lace! Shawls, so … they have the power to hypnotize, with their designs formed by the repetition of the points and the fit between them!

In this workshop we will investigate the results of the possible combinations of: yarn characteristics, chosen architecture of the points, type of piece, position of the lace knitting panel in a garment and accessories. The purpose of the workshop is helping you to make the best choices when creating your own pieces or choosing recipes! Bring magazine or clippings you like, your sketches, samples, or any other material that could help you to create a piece.


Cecilia 10 cropped






Boho Scarf 2

Allegra 15 size cropped

The third workshop, “Learning to love short rows – how to get great shapes with this amazing technique”, is about short rows and how it can benefit your knitting. Very versatile and with wonderful results, this technique can change the life of any knitter! Jokes aside, this technique is used to model, adjust, smooth angles and change the shape of the piece.

In a simplified way we can say that we weave partial rows, turning the work before the end of them. It is one of those techniques that, once we understand the mechanism, we fall in love with and use it forever.

In this workshop we will explore the most popular ways to make short rows and also its various uses.


Fechamento Bettina

Ahh, it’s good to participate in this “immersion” in the universe of knitting!

Take a look at the conference site,, and come spend the weekend with us.

Peace, Knit and Love as much as you can!


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