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Posts from the ‘Giving & Receiving’ Category

Everything that shines come from extraordinary people!

I have this sweet and very talented friend that knits the most amazing projects. Her name is Zaira and I always think about how fortunate I am to have her as a friend. We live in different cities, but thanks to the positive aspect from internet, we are always in touch.

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Recently launched yarns and the I Love Yarn Day celebration!

This week I saw at Facebook a note about the I Love Yarn Day next October 14. I had no idea that there was actually a day for loving yarn  and it made me laugh because I tend to celebrate yarn every day when I’m at the computer or just dropping by my LYS!

The Craft Yarn Council is suggesting something bigger than that! The idea is to engage people to celebrate yarn trough teaching  somebody to knit or crochet, doing something for charity, giving yarn as a gift, knitting or crocheting  in public and so on.


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And everything works perfect together!

I truly love the logo created by Bia Quadros! It’s an image that represents my cheerful values in my favorite craft and in life as well: peace and love! Read more

She knows about everything!

There are talented people working with social media. There are also very creative people. Well articulated there are also many.


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They create opportunities to give and receive: Knitting for a cause!

This is the first post I write for PeaceKnitLove and to inaugurate the space with good vibes, I chose to talk about the amazing work of three special knitters: They are Alina from the Blog Maré de Amor (Tide of Love) and VeraLu and Juliana from the blog Saco de Bebê da Veralu (VeraLu’s Bag of Babies).

They create opportunities to give and receive: Knitting for a cause

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