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Wrap your Knitting with Love

This is the title of the first eBook from the Intrepid Knitters – a Cooperative created by brazilian knitters to spread out our designs!

The Intrepid Knitters is a group formed by five Brazilian designers, with their different ages, jobs and

The knitting as a new career or as a hobby… the dream that this craft is being
spread around the world and the will of contributing for this to come true, were the reasons that brought
them together in a cooperative.

In this e-book, the group created 10 easy and nice patterns, so that you can knit them fast for yourself
or as a gift for someone you love.

But the girls aren’t going to stop there. The cooperative is only in the beginning and much more is being
prepared for the future. For the next issues, more fearless knitters will join us to share their creativity and

For now, we hope that you like our first collective work, help us by spreading the word about it and, the
most important thing: begin knitting our patterns and have fun!


My eternal gratitude for my beloved daughter, Mari, for the amazing support and encouragement in everything that I do! (I LOVE you, Babe!)

I would like to thank my niece Beatriz Medeiros and Edi Silva for modeling, in such a gorgeous way! You both are so beautiful (in many ways)! I’m really lucky for have your support in this project!

I also like to thank to my dear friends Juliana Serrano, for the amazing graphic designer, and Leticia Cinto (LindaLeti) for tech editing (she is the best!)


A little something about the designs:

Amy Shoulder Wrap & Cowl

by Paula Pereira (me!!! LOL!)

Amy is a reversible cowl that also wraps the shoulders. Actually, we can call it a capelet, a shoulder wrap or a cowl!

Amy is a versatile piece that can be dressed around the shoulders or scrunched up around the neck as a cowl. Either way, it is
a charming accessory for fall chili nights or a cold winter.

Amy Shoulder Wrap & Cowl is a cute and fun project that can be done in a few days and it’s a perfect Xmas gift!

Ravelry link:


Ironforge Leg Warmers

by Clara Beauty

Ironforge is the city of the dwarves in the game World of Warcraft and also the name of this lovely pattern!

Ravelry link:


Circles Stuff Holder

by Juliana Serrano

For the highly accessorized and for the lightly accessorized, this is a quick work, like all in this e-book, and one that
can be real funny, with different colours and textures, or more discrete, depending on your colour and finishing choices,
buttons, etc.

Seamless, it is for those who appreciate unusual knitting.

Ravelry link:


Hood & Cowl Gnomeregan

by Clara Beauty

Gnomeregan is gnomes’ city in Azeroth, in the game World of Warcraft and from this fun hoodie & cowl!

Ravelry link:–cowl-gnomeregan


“Got Milk?” Clutch

by Juliana Serrano

This is an accessory for fashionists all over – modern and environmental engaged. It is done with milk packages for a
harder clutch feel and it is knitted as a big bag so there are no worries about the liner.

If you want, you can fill it up with
pockets inside by picking up stitches and knitting. To wash it, you just open it, take the package away, and proceed as
any knitted piece.
There’s two examples of the clutch, one more modern, using an irregular yarn, another classic and elegant, using a
soft regular yarn.

You can adjust it depending on who’s gonna get the gift!


Ravelry link:—carteira-de-mao


Gris Hat

by Letícia Cinto

A crossed stitch brings an unexpected touch to this very casual beanie. As yarn used is worsted, work is fast and joyable.

Ravelry link:


Light Season

by Iris Alessi

This is a light kerchief to be weared in lightly cool days.

Ravelry link:


Lilac Hat

by Letícia Cinto

A classic and lovely beanie, which can really please that dear friend. Double cables give a interesting touch and a
specially soft yarn brings a lot of comfort.

Ravelry link:


New York Mitts

by Iris Alessi

Ravelry link:


Venturi Scarf

by Paula Pereira (me again!!!)

Everything came together: the softness of Da Fazenda yarn; work on a beautiful Christmas gift for men; a simple and fun
knitting project, and…voilá!

Venturi is a reversible ribbing scarf that suits men and everyone and is a fast knit project!

Ravelry link:


Peace, Knit and Love to all of us!


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  1. Claudia Guégue #

    Paula, que lindas ficaram as fotos e a ideia do livro, sensacional! Fico muito feliz de poder saber que muitas pessoas podem compartilhar do seu talento e da sua generosidade de dividí-lo.

    November 6, 2012

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