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Tevara is my new design for the Autumn 2016 issue of PomPom Magazine!

Tevara 2

Can you imagine how thrilled I am?!? I love everything about PomPom Mag and it’s pretty amazing being part of one edition dedicated to natural dyes. Some of my closest friends said (and I totally agree with them), that they can knit and wear all the designs featured in this edition. You must take a look at Ravelry or at PomPom’s website.

Tevara 3

My inspiration for Tevara was creating an interesting construction with beautiful design elements, preserving a confortable and basic-but-modern shape. A natural hand dyed yarn complete the idea of a next to skin piece, for Autumn, when the temperatures starts to drop and the nature beautifully change colors.

Tevara 7

Tevara 5

Tevara 8

Tevara is knitted with the beautiful, soft and squishy Pioneer by A Verb for Keeping Warm. You can find kits to knit your own Tevara at AVFKW! Click here and check the incredible colors that they create for the kits! Actually, in this issue, there’s an interesting article, where Anna Maltz talks to Kristine Vejar about her vision of the art of dye with natural elements.

Rachel Hayton made the beautiful pictures of Tevara.

Thank you, Rachel!

AVFKW kit yarns

Peace, Knit and Love,


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