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Bettina Cardigan KAL – 3rd part

Yay! One more Bettina cardigan KAL's week! Everything started with a small group of friends and out of suddenly we have 44 projects on Ravelry and 23 knitters are frequently posting pictures at PeaceKnitLove FB page! Read more

Bettina Cardigan KAL – 2nd part

The Bettina Cardigan’s KAL has started last week and will go on for the next 4 Fridays. I’ll be posting parts of the pattern with tips, suggestions and sometimes videos from special techniques. And you can participate at your own pace: once all parts of the KAL is posted here, you can check it whenever you like and work on the project when it is more convenient to you! You’re most welcome to participate as you wish! Read more

Cast on methods for Bettina Cardigan KAL: Knitting and Purling CO

There are two more videos with cast on methods! Read more

Cast on methods for Bettina Cardigan KAL: Backward Loop CO

As a few fellow participants asked, I'm working on vídeos with different cast on methods. The first one is the Backward Loop method.  Read more

Bettina Cardigan KAL – Day 1

What a special day! Last month, at the 1st Brazilian Knitting Congress (fantastic event, by the way!), a few of fellow knitting friends have asked me about a KAL for the Bettina Cardigan! I believe you can imagine how flattering this is for a beginner knitting designer. And, for me, there's no better time for this KAL, once I'm focusing on a career in crafting! is the day! Read more